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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
NYS Capitol, Albany
Rally: 11-2
Lobby: 10-4



Gun Rights Lobby Day
Albany Feb.12, 2013

Feb 8 SPEAKER UPDATE: This is the current Speaker list for the Feb 12 Albany Pro Gun Rally and LOBBY. (There is an attached word doc list for your use and printing) 

Melody Burns MC (talk radio Albany 1300)
Special attraction may be added (as usual - subject to change)
Note; the most important speaker is not listed - that's YOU - "The People's Lobby"
ALL legislators will hear our voice loud and clear when we LOBBY them in their offices on Feb 12.

Second Amendment Rally Speaker List and Order


11:00 Bob Shulz We the People Lobby Founder 

Tom King NYSRPA President  OATH Keepers Founder Stewart

John Wallace  Retired NT State Trooper & Oath Keepers Coordinator 

11:55 Carl Paladino Former Gubernatorial Candidate & Successful Property Management & Developer from Buffalo

Ann Marie Buerkle Former Congresswoman from the Central NY Syracuse area 

David Gay Central NY Conservative and Constitutional Activist

Rich Baum Constitutional Attorney & Conservative Activist

12:40 Greg Ball State Senator & Outspoken Critic of Gun Control 

Karl Brabenec  Deerpark Town Supervisor,Budget Officer & Police Commissioner

1:00 Lee Zeldin State Senator from Long Island Outspoken Critic ofGun Control

Claudia Tenney Assemblywoman for CNY

Kathy Marchione  State Senator & Outspoken Critic of Gun Control

Steve Katz Assemblyman & Outspoken Critic of Gun Control

Charles Heller Executive Director of JFPO (Jews For The Preservation of Forearms Ownership) Founder of Arizona’s Citizen’s Defense League and Firearm Instructor  

1:55  Deneen Borelli - Director of Freedom Works Outreach program, FOX News Contributor, Conservative Speaker, accomplished author and a frequent guest on Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, FOX Business News Neil Cavuto and many other news programs.


**Updates Daily**

From Western NY: The bus from Elmira could make an additional stop. Potential stop depending on demand – Owego / Binghamton / Harpursville   Bus service to Albany on February 12th To all people from:  Cortland area / Penn Yan  / Hornell / Ithaca / Greene / Oxford / North Pa. .....And all point in between:  


Corning/Elmira; Departs 6:30am From Horseheads, N.Y - $40. Reservations: Call 607-738-3592 Email: (contact Denver) 

Buffalo area: contact Jackie O'Bannon at 716-852-822

Southern Ulster/Sullivan Co County: Leaving Kerhonkson at 8:30am
$30/person CONTACT: William Frear (845-674-1970)

 Binghamton Area: 56 passenger bus       Departs: 7:00am from Sears back Lot at Oakdale Mall Johnson City, NY.       Returns: from Albany at 4:30 and stop at Brooks Barbeque (Oneonta) for takeout       Price $25 Call Burt 607-724-1746 (a member of C&H Recreation) Or contact Denver 

Mike Peters        to correspond & reserve

Leave Palisades Center Mall (Bed Bath and Beyond Parking Lot): 7:30 AM
Leave Albany: 4:00 PM
$30.00 / person

New Rochester Bus – Albany Feb 12th  Pro Gun Rally and LOBBY

Time: Bus pickup 5:30am -- returns at about 9pm
Where: Pickup at Macy's at Marketplace Mall in Henrietta
What: Rally at the Capitol and meeting with our representatives
Rally: 11am - 2pm Lobby 10am to 4pm
RSVP: You MUST RSVP directly by email to Denver Jones at
Cost: $40 for the bus (include city you want to depart from)                  

If you want a bus ride from anywhere or if you chartered a bus from anywhere  Denver will “connect” you – contact Denver,  607 279-3987 information: Albany Pro Rights Event February 12th Bus Info: Bus Transportation; Get Connected; To spread the word of your Bus Charter or if you would like to be a passenger contact Denver Jones 607 279-3987 (Include your city of departure). Register bus info with Gary  


February 5, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Organizer: Garry Perry

New Yorkers Rally and Lobby at NYS Capitol to Protest Safe Act and Support the Second Amendment


Albany, NY-  In a stark rebuke to Governor Cuomo and those who voted for the bill referred to as the "Safe Act",  thousands of New Yorkers will gather at the NYS Capitol on February 12th to rally and meet with their representatives.  This event is being sponsored by many pro-Second Amendment Groups, including the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA), S.C.O.P.E, and Turn Albany Upside Down.  The rally will take place from 11-2, and features speakers such as Senators Kathy Marchione, Greg Ball and Lee Zeldin; NYSPRA president Tom King, Former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League Charles Heller, Assemblypeople Steve McLaughlin, Steve Katz, Claudia Tenney, and George Amedore, among many others.  Local 1300 radio personality Melody Burns will emcee the event.  From 10-4 attendees will meet with their representatives in the legislature. 


Many New Yorkers were shocked at the manner in which the NYS legislature passed Governor Cuomo's gun bill, giving inadequate time to lawmakers to read and understand the legislation.  Additionally, many aspects of the bill radically restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding New Yorkers and fail to properly address the root causes of gun violence, including mental illness.  The implementation of this flawed bill will place a heavy financial and administrative burden on local municipal governments as well.   


The rally on February 12th is expected to be a massive expression of the concern many law abiding New Yorkers feel regarding the un-Constitutional restriction of their Second Amendment rights and the blatant abuse of power that brought forth this bill.   


Capital District Political Action Network (CDPAN) unites grassroots organizations and individuals, local political committees and the Political Advocates Network PAC to bring a powerful, conservative voice to NY politics.             

If you missed the Albany protest on Jan 19 you missed a grand event BUT....
You aint seen nothin yet - February 12 will be a spectical to behold (peace brother)
We are UNITING - "We the People" are finally standing up for our rights  
Capital District Political Action Network

Lobbying Info
You must call and make appointments to meet with representatives.  They will meet with small groups of 5-10 people, so make sure you stop by to thank some of the reps who voted against the anti-gun bill, and remind those who voted in favor of their duty to uphold the Constitution!

(** denotes Republicans who voted for bill)
Adams, Addabbo, Avella, **Boyle, Breslin, Carlucci, Diaz, Dilan, Espaillat, Felder, **Flanagan, **Fuschillo, Gianaris, Gipson, **Golden, **Grisanti, **Hannon, Hassell-Thompson, Hoylman, Kennedy, Klein, Krueger, **Lanza, Latimer,
**La Valle, **Marcellino, **Martins, Montgomery, O'Brien, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Rivera, Sampson, Sanders, Savino, Serrano, Skelos, Smith, Squadron, Stavinsky, Stewart-Cousins, Valesky,
Ball, Bonacic, DeFrancisco, Farley, Gallivan, Griffo, Larkin, Libous, Little, Marchione, Maziarz, Nozzolio, O'Mara, Ranzenhofer, Ritchie, Robach, Seward, Young




Gun Rights Lobby Day / Albany Feb. 12, 2013 opening 8am / speakers 11- 2 / Lobby 10- 4

FREE - open to all – all day - just show up - UNITED WE STAND - Just show up!
Continue reading below the picture
  Albany Saturday January 19,2013 A picture is worth 7,000 Words


Get on the list – stay informed – receive details – join the Team Email Communications.


Obama and every state is watching what happens in New York!
Albany will determine if tyranny continues or "We the People" can stop it!
Save the Constitution - Join New York in the fight


Help New york Repeal The Safe Act  
Help Impeach Governor Coumo 
Help Stop the cabal of legislative outlaws   
Albany, New York – The Front-line Battleground For 2nd Amendment rights.
All Americans must take a stand to STOP / PREVENT the spread of gun laws in America.
In the darkness of night Governor Coumo's strong-arm passed the most unacceptable law in history. This gun law can not be allowed to stand! New York Safe Act Must be Repealed!
America! Stand United With New York!
As you know New York has now bee the first state to pass outrageous laws infringing on our 2ndAmendment. In the darkness of night Governor Coumo passed the most unacceptable law in history.
New York is now the front-line battleground. New York needs the aid of Americans from every state. Will you join us in our efforts? Will you help create the loudest voice in history against tyrannical governance? February 12  - Albany Capital park (west) - just show up!

This is pure Grassroots - common people - America UNITE! - GET CONNECTED - Join the FIGHT
Get on the list – stay informed – receive details – join the Team Email Communications.

We Will NOT Quit - We Will NOT Be Denied !
Divided we have fallen - UNITED WE WILL STAND!
Please sign the Oathkeepers Molon Labe pledge if you have not done so already.   If you have friends or family in military or police present or past, please forward this to them:

Like us citizens4freedom on facebook and share us with your fb friends. We are 9500+ strong for freedom!    





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