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STOP GUN Insurance LAW (Proposed)


Albany Feb. 28


Requires gun owners to obtain liability ins. of not less than one million dollars.
Oppose the SAFE ACT
NRA President David Keene
Join Together at the Capitol Steps – Albany
Inside the building and outside in the park
Capitol Park (West) Washington Ave & Swan St. - Albany, NY 12210
Join Constitutional Patriots & Second Amendment Supporters.
We will Rally, Hear Speakers and LOBBY the State Senators and Assemblymen – In Their offices…. it’s easy and exciting!
More info:   -
For UPDATES connect with –
Bus Information Contact Denver --
The SAFE ACT Must GO – Open to all – Join Us !

We Are Winning This Battle !  

We CAN Fight NYS and WIN back our 2nd Amendment Rights! Join Us on Feb 28th  in Albany for one more Rally & Lobby.  

Our Voices are being heard ! We MUST show up in numbers of many 1000s on Feb 28 in Albany !

Please – make the sacrifice – We CAN win this one ! Join Us !  

47 Counties / 16 Towns / 5 Sheriffs and the Assoc of Clerks OPPOSE the Safe Act.  

We can STOP Bill # A03908 : GUN INSURANCE – WHAT? THE PROPOSED LAW: Requires gun owners to obtain liability ins. of not less than one million dollars. STOP This LAW



Rally/Lobby info/details important


Special Note: to all bus operators – we know of 100 buses heading to Albany on the 28th. We have special instructions from Albany Bus Control for all bus companies and operators. Please send me an email address for us to send you an info packet and maps. If you have a bus to Albany and are not on our list please do the same. All buses on the 28th must follow the same procedures. The City of Albany is gearing up for a major event and they want all to go as smooth as possible – they are on our side.


*** There is always room for more people – keep spreading the word – this should be an exciting adventure!!!


  1. All those attending on the 28th are urged to arrive a little earlier than you desire and be patient – expect congestion. Please tell all to do the same – this is gonna be a great day – keep smiling.
  2. If you are arriving by car please go directly to Capitol Park West (the Capitol steps). There you will meet guides. They will assist you to go to either the Rally or guide you to the entrances of the LOB or the Capitol.
  3. There are 4 entrances to the buildings – 1 on Washington Av and 3 on State St. – 1 State St entrance on the Capitol side of the street – 1 entrance on the LOB side of the street – and one through the Justice Building (where there is more lanes of entry). ALL entrances get you to anywhere in the complex.   
  4. All buses will arrive at the Madison Av Plaza Entrance (there will be no exceptions). You will leave the bus and go straight in the entrance. You will walk straight down the very long hallway. When you near  the other end you will be below State St. You will then choose to go through security (no metal objects) to Lobby or check-in to NYSRPA OR continue to the end and go out the building onto State St. to the rally in the park (across State St.)  
  1. Prep Rally at 11:15am; Melody Burns will be MC of a special “Prep Rally” in the park to get the crowd inspired and “up to speed” on the happenings. Anyone planning on attending the Rally At Noon is urged to attend the Prep Rally.
  2. The 13 NYSPRA Speakers begin at NOON. The entire presentation will take about 1 ½ hours. The people will then be asked to “hit the LOB” and lobby ALL the lawmakers. There will be guides to assist you and give advice. Note; we are all participating for the same reasons – Please let them see you face to face. NO gun Insurance – NO Amendments – REPEAL The Safe Act…. We CAN fight “City Hall” and WIN this one. Please “jam the building”…lol (peacefully)
  3. Lobbying Begins at 10am. Consider lobbying before the rally. We will have guides to assist you by 9:30am
  4. More Buses: we are trying to secure more buses to depart from Jamestown / Corning / Elmira / Binghamton / Sidney. If you would like to take a bus from any of those locations – get on Denver’s Passenger list. -


  1. This is a major event and there is lots to keep you abreast of. We will be sending many emails – please carefully read each one. (sorry for so many but please bare with it – thanks.)


Please pass this and all info to every one in the state. This is a very important undertaking of citizens. If we can get ALL New Yorkers to participate with us we might just be able to save our great state.

May God Bless each and every one of us that are stepping up to participate – AND – God Bless AMERICA !

Thank You



47 Counties / 16 Towns / 5 Sheriffs and the Assoc of Clerks OPPOSE the Safe Act.

Resolution quick list

NEW; Chautauqua / Cortland / Tompkins
1 - More Buses Added Otsego County, Oneonta, Jim Losie's Gun Shop, 607-432-6452
2 - Chautauqua County - Dunkirk, D&F Plaza(behind Big Lots)Cost: $50.00 Departing 5:30am
      Departing Albany at 4:00 pm For info call Bill @ 716-672-6210
3 - Tompkins County/Cortland County Ithaca - Pyramid Mall (Swarthout Tours Parking) Depart 6:00    
     AM Cost: $35.00
4 - Cortland - Rt 281- Old Fire House past A&W Depart 6:30 AM Leave Albany 3:00 PM
      call Denver 607-279-3987  or for seats
5Kingston area Ruger’s Custom Guns, 1050 Morton Blvd., Kingston, N.Y.  845-336-7106  

·  Broome County/Johnson City, contact Mike Dunlap, 607-724-1746.

·  Syracuse Area / Cicero Departs 7:00am Gander Mountain $25 Contact Joanne Wilder

    315 247-2256

·  Chautauqua/Dunkirk, D&F Plaza(behind Big Lots)Cost: $50.00 Departing 5:30am call Bill   @ 716-672- 6210

·  Chemung County, contact John Aikman,

·  Chemung County, Horseheads, Jubilee Plaza Rt 14 Horseheads,

    Bill Krazinski, 607 426 8109

·  Chenango County/Oxford, contact Shawn Palmer, 607-843-9885,

·  Columbia County, contact Jim Bashford, 518-265-2789, or Jim Bertram, 518-965-3971.

·  Cortland Rt 281 Old Fire House by A&W Depart 6:30am $35.00 Denver 607-279-3987

·  Erie County, contact Rich Davenport,, 716-510-7952.

·  Erie County, contact Ashleigh Lee, 716-539-9092.

·  Genesee County, Batavia NY     Contact:   Dave Kaufman    494–2314 (home)

·  Greene County, contact Hank Coons, 518-943-0644.

·  Jefferson County, contact Glenn Hancock,,     315-232-3205.

·  Kingston area Ruger’s Custom Guns, 1050 Morton Blvd., Kingston, N.Y.   845-336-7106    

·  Long Island, contact John Cushman,, 631-475-8125.

·  Long Island, contact Steve,

·  Madison County, contact Ned Lamb, 315-691-5521.

·  Monroe County, Henrietta NY,

Monroe Chester , NY , Roy Zucca, phone 469-1960

· Onondaga and Oswego, contact Rick McDermott,, 315-882-1540. 


· Orange County, contact info George Rogero, 845-781-0839,

· Otsego County, Jim Losie’s Gun Shop. 607 432-6452

`  Rockland County, Mike Peters, West Nyack , NY Palisades Mall

· Seneca Cnty, Petro Trk Stp Rt 414 by Thruway, Dieter Kraemer 607 857-4005 / Barb Wells 315 224-3187

·  St. Lawrence County/Gouverneur, contact Joel LaPierre,, 315-486-2909.

·  St. Lawrence County/Ogdensburg, contact Larry Kring,, 315-323-2107.

·  Tompkins Cty / Ithaca - Pyramid Mall Dpt 6:00am: $35.00 call Denver 607-279-3987

·  Ulster County, contact Elmer LeSuer,, 914-466-5940. 

·  Utica/Mohawk Valley, contact Peg Roberts, 315-941-6360.  

·  Wyoming County, Warsaw, contact John Doyle at 585- 786-2099 or 585-813-1886

·  Yates County, Rushville & Manchester Thruway Exit.  Call Bill Button 585-554-6868




Connecting Buses with Passengers: We have had many inquiries about busses to Albany on Feb. 28th. There are several in the planning stages. If you or your organization, your club or group are sponsoring a bus to Albany on the 12th , let Denver Jones 607 279-3987 know the details and we will post it everywhere

Connecting Passengers with Buses: If you are an individual, organization, club or group looking for bus ride to Albany on Feb. 28th , let Denver Jones 607 279-3987 know Please include the city you wish to leave from and we will notify people from that area looking for passengers. 


Albany Pro Rights Event February 28th Bus Info:

Bus Transportation; Get Connected; To spread the word of your Bus Charter or if you would like to be a passenger contact Denver Jones 607 279-3987 (Include your city of departure).


A few articles of interest:

State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional

Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Film Industry - See more at:
Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Film Industry - See more at:
Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Film Industry - See more at:

Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 50+ Yard Shot With a Pistol


Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun
Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Film Industry - See more at:

Sheriffs’ Response to NY SAFE Act

Gun Companies Boycott New York: Urging all Manufactures to Stop Selling Firearms to New York Police

Town of Union Vale resolution opposing the NY SAFE act

New Yorkers Take Aim At Cuomo’s SAFE Act

Stewart Rhodes Introduces ‘Molon Labe County Project’ To 3000 New York Gun Owners In Fiery Speech


Ulster County Legislature

Saratoga County Deputy Sheriffs' Police Benevolent Association letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Have guns, will protest

The Gotham nanny who jerks sodas

Pro-gun-law forces cancel showdown

Democrats Plan to Pay Second Amendment Protesters Gets Shot Down

Gun law triggers paperwork barrage

New York: Penalty for 8 rounds in a magazine more severe than being repeat child molester (Update)

NY counties urging gun law repeal

Joe Salazar would have women whistle past the graveyard

What do you think about Cuomo's gun control bill?

Dems schedule votes this week on assault weapons ban, other gun reforms


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