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Past Events

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 Live Content

Events we have participated in:

  • Fishkill Tea Party  4-15-2009
  • Fishkill Tea Party  7-6-2009
  • Tri-County Tea Party New City 8-21-2009
  • House Call 11-5-2009
  • Code Red 12/15/2009
  • Meet and Greet with Nan Hayworth 12-17-2009
  • Meet and Greet Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 Group 01/31/10
  • Meet the Candidate - As A Mom 3/13/10
  • Kill The Bill Rally - citizens4freedom SOS call - Goshen NY  3/20/10
  • Tony Mele & Carl Paladino - Tells It Like It Is Rally For America 3-26-2010    
  • Candidates Night - Rally for America 4/7/10 
  • Tax Day Tea Party - Rally for America 4/15/10
  • Tax Day Tea Party Street Rally -  O/S and Citizens4freedom 4/17/10
  • Meet the Candidate - As A Mom 4/23/10
  • Meet the Candidate - As A Mom 5/3/10
  • A Night With the Candidates - O/S NY 912  5/8/10
  • Meet Greet and Vet The Candidates - Rally For America 5/11/10
  • A Night With the Candidates  2  - O/S NY 912  5/19/10
  • Gathering of Eagles - O/S NY 912 and citizens4freedom 5/29/10
  • Committeeman Workshop - O/S 912 Tea Party 6/5/10
  • Meet & Greet for Gary Berntsen - O/S 912 Tea Party 6/19/10
  • Rally Gardiners Right - 7/4/10
  • Meet & Greet - Jay Townsend - O/S 912 TP 7/7/10
  • Stop The Madness!  Freedom From Tyranny Rally - 7/10/10 O/S 912 and citizens4freedom
  • Petitions to primary - June 2010
  • Orange/Sullivan 912 Taxpayer Line Petition 1000 Signature Challenge - July 2010
  • Candidate Night with Malpass and Paladino - O/S 912 - 8/4/10
  • Night with the Candidate - Rick Lazio - O/S 912 - 8/16/10 - Lazio was a no show!
  • Give Us Liberty Rally- Dick Armey Book Signing - 8/17/10 - HV Patriots
  • Rick Lazio Press Conference Goshen NY - 8/25/10
  • Door to door with Neil DiCarlo - 9/4/10
  • Meet The Candidates - Rockland Tea Party Patriots - 9/6/10
  • Open House for Orange County Taxpayers Party Headquarters - 9/6/10
  • Debate Neil DiCarlo and Nan Hayworth CD 19 - 9/8/10
  • Friends of Neil DiCarlo" Monroe Cheese Festival - 9/11/10
  • Glenn Beck 40 Days and 40 Nights Pledge - TV program - 10/5/10
  • Carl Paladino Q & A in Middletown, NY O/S 912 - 10/9/10
  • Remember in November, Rockland Tea Party Patriots - 10/17/10
  • One Year Anniversary - 10/20/10
  • Get Out The Vote Rally - O/S 912 and C4F event - 10/23/10
  • Press Conference Carl Paladino - OCGOP - 10/25/10
  • Midterm Election Party - Robert S. - 11/2/10
  • Midterm Election Vote - GOP takes house - 11/2/10
  • Orange County GOE Receives Distinguished Service Award - 11/8/10
  • Neil DiCarlo's thank you party - 12/4/10
  • Gathering of Eagles - 1/1/11
  • Peaceful,prayerful stand for life - 1/15/11
  • GOE Mike Greene’s farewell gathering - 1/15/11
  • March For Life - Washington, DC - 1/24/11
  • Monroe Tea Party Meeting - 2/23/11
  • Committeemen Seminar MTP - 3/2/11
  • James O’Keefe Mahwah TP - 3/7/11
  • Agenda MTP - 3/16/11
  • Monroe Tea Party Meeting 3/30/11
  • A Citizens Call To Action - MTP 4/11/11
  • Monroe Tea Party Meeting - 4/22/11
  • Committemen Seminar MTP - 5/11/11
  • OC Chapter GoE 1st anniversary - 6/11/11
  • Committeemen Lawsuit Challenge - 7/12/11
  • Delivered Petitions to the OCBOE - 7/13/11
  • Petitions denied by the OCBOE - 7/15/11
  • A 9-11 Tribute Cruise - 9/3/11
  • Memorial Flag GoE - 9/10/11
  • co-host ReValue NY - 9/28/11
  • Tea Parties United TEA'ing Up for 2012 - 10/15/11
  • Stand Up for Religious Freedom - 3/23/12
  • National Day of Prayer - 4/1/12
  • Petition for Neil Di Carlo - 6/6/12
 Past Events

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Last evening, September 13th, more than 50 patriots gathered in support of Neil DiCarlo at his Primary Election Party at the Quality Inn in Fishkill.

The mood was positive and uplifting as campaign volunteers, friends and advocates from 4 counties awaited the voting results.

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More C4F photos:

It took more than hour to order a chicken sandwich at a New Jersey Chick-fil-A yesterday as hundreds of diners descended on the fast-food chain to show their support for the company’s CEO — a vocal critic of gay marriage.

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GOSHEN — Under a brilliant sun, on a grassy field sprinkled with fallen leaves and blown by a slight breeze, a battle raged in Goshen on Saturday morning.

With less than three weeks to go before the presidential election, nearly 100 people gathered in Village Square to protest a federal requirement that employer-based health plans cover certain preventive services for women, including contraceptives.

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It’s been a long and seemingly never-ending battle between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church. With most faith leaders still uncomfortable with the government’s contraception mandate, the stalemate between the two parties hasn’t improved much in recent weeks. On Thursday, in response to this ongoing fight and a perceived increase in threats against liberty for people of faith, the Church announced a new religious freedom campaign.

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By Michelle Hieronymi Monroe Tea Party

Link to more photos:

This month marked 2 years since Obamacare  was signed into law, against the will of the American people.

On Friday, March 23rd, about 500 energized people stood together in Goshen, N.Y. against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandate (part of Obamacare).  This law forces religious institutions to provide services that directly contradict the teachings of their faith and strips away 1st Amendment rights. 

Click here for full article

 Click here for more videos.

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Link to article on Mid-Hudson News

Link to pictures of rally

Sponsored by OC Right to Life and citizens4freedom

GOSHEN – Hundreds rallied in Goshen Friday as part of the nationwide Stand Up for Religious Freedom events on the second anniversary of the Obama Administration’s health care program.

Organizers in Goshen maintained the rally and call for an end to mandated contraception and other mandates on women’s productive rights violate the US Constitution.


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new political map

Beck: Happy Days Are Here Again

Our voices have been heard and they know we will be watching and silent no longer.

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Here are the facts:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


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Linda Geissler,Rich Wozniak,Howard Geissler

     On Saturday, September 3rd, 2011, patriots from around the country boarded the Harbor Lights at the Skyport Marina in New York City to honor victims and heroes of September 11th and to discuss the challenges facing our country.  As guests of Rich Wozniak and the John Birch Society, our family represented Citizens4Freedom at the event featuring dynamic speakers:  JBS President, John F. McManus; Domestic and International Disaster Response Team member, Fabrizio Bivona; and constitutional attorney and educator, KrisAnne Hall. 

Link to more photos:

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Link to more pictures

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, The Orange County Gathering of Eagles (GoE) will be honored to present to Troop Member Diane (& Family) the Memorial Flag, in Honor/memory of her father: “US Army Private First Class, Jay Lewis Ellis” which will be flown over the GoE, on that day. Jay was a member of GoE and a strong supporter. The flag will be presented with ceremony befitting such an occasion.

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By Carl S.

On July 12, 2011 4 brave individuals filed a lawsuit against the NY Board Of Elections, NY Republican, & NY Democratic Parties.

An injunction was filed on the same day which required all 62 counties in the state of NY to accept Petitions with the Committeeman title.  The lawsuit and injunction could not have come at a better time.  For example, on July 13 several Monroe Tea Party folks were denied their petitions because they had the “wrong title and the positions were already filled” according to Orange County Board of Elections Commissioners.

Read more at  The paperwork is easy to understand and you’ll begin to the see bigger picture on how important this case is.   Please donate and visit the proceedings when possible.

The first hearing is scheduled for July 20th which looks to be interesting.

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Handing Over the Keys to Middletown GoE

Donna Cote, Carlton O'flanagan founder Middletown GoE, Kevin Cote

This Memorial Weekend was celebrated in Middletown, NY by the GoE.  We had the privilege of being present when Donna and Kevin Cote handed Carl O'Flanagan the keys to their van.  This is a wonderful and much needed gift to the GoE.

GoE on C4F

Video:  Background of the formation of the GoE

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The March For Life

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Link to more pictures

Departing GoE Orange County Troop Member:

 Michael R. Greene

LTC, Marine Corps (Retired)

 Mike was presented with a “Challenge Coin,” from the Troop, which had been engraved with GOE-NY on it.  The coin reflected his Marine Corps and  VN Era service.

(Diane designed and built the presentation box, which included a short narrative on the beginning of the Marine Corps (Tun Tavern))  Good Job, Diane!!  A farewell card was signed by the Troop members, as well.

We had crockpot chili,  Italian bread and cupcakes.

 Mike will be missed (as both a friend and Troop member) as he has been a mainstay since “Day 1” and has been my backup and “goto “ Troop member, as well!  Mike has also served as the “Site Commander and Leader of the flag ceremonies which we conduct at flag raising and lowering.”

 Along with you folks, present were Diane, Everist, Doug and me.  Bill and Sandy stopped by for a few minutes and we enjoyed their company. 

Later, Joann and her two daughters dropped by as well. 

Again, our special thanks to you and John for your continued support and participation with us.

 Carl O’Flanagan

GoE, OC-NY Coordinator

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Standing with the GOE on New Years Day! 

C4F News Interviews The Gathering of Eagles

Distinguished Service Award presented to GOE

Mike Anagnostakis, legislator 17th legislative district, awards the GOE with Distinguished Service award. Accepting the award were Carl O'flanagan, and Dennis Maloney.

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December 18, 2010 at 7:00pm

We packed the house last night. Thank you friends and fellow patriots for coming out in song. Let's share the music.

From the chorus perspective....perfect! La....

  Christmas Concert Classic Choral Society-free
December 18, 2010
The First Presbyterian Church in Goshen
33 Park Place
Goshen, NY 10924
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Music: This Christmastide, Christmas Day, Deo Gloria, Anniversary Carols, Hodie, O Holy Night, Issay, Issay!, I saw Three Ships, Christmas Lullaby, A Christmas Suite, Caroling, Caroling, A Traditional Sing-a-long too!

A wonderful review from Debbie:

Neil and I had a wonderful time at the concert. The atmosphere was so beautiful and festive. I was imagining the angels singing along in perfect harmony with you all!
I especially enjoyed the songs "Issay, Issay!", O Holy Night (always gives me the chills), and the Hallelujah Chorus. I loved how everyone stood up for the Hallelujah Chorus. The power in the Spirit of that song requires no less and I found myself tempted to sing along :).
I haven't sung all of those sing along selections in such a long time with a large group of people like that -- it made me want to teach my kids every one of them and then bring them out caroling around the neighborhood (maybe one year I'll actually get around to that... Lol!!) It brought me back to my high school / college chorus and days which I always looked forward to.

Thanks again for the invite and for taking the time to participate in such a memorable event!!! You looked stunning!

P.S. The West Point brass instruments at the end were a perfect touch!

Look at me -- I can't stop writing about it... Lol!! I also wanted to mention about how professional it was -- can't believe it was a free performance!!! What a great date night it made for us -- glad we left the kids with the babysitter so we could sit back and soak it all in.

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Click on picture for printable flier

Flier created by Patrick M.

Click here for small 4 per page hand outs

RSVP for the Rally on facebook

Calling all Patriots!

Gary Berntsen will be our featured speaker. Gary was a Tea Party patriot and grassroots activist before he became a grassroots candidate for US Senate against Chuck Schumer.

Even though Gary lost his Primary bid his heart is with the grassroots movement pressing forward for real reform in our government. Gary will rally the Tea Party and community and encourage us as we head into the November 2nd election.

Tea Party groups confirmed to participate:
O/S 9.12 Tea Party
Duchess 9.12
Hudson Valley Patriots
Rally for America
Monroe/Ramapo Tea Party
Port Jervis Tea Party Patriots
Rockland County Tea Party

Other Tea Party activist organizations confirmed to attend:
Citizens 4 Freedom

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The Lame Stream Media Covers The Carl Paladino Q & A

Lame stream News 12 covers the Carl Paladino Q & A in Middletown NY. A few hundred people come out to ask Carl the hard questions and News 12 shows the 15 protesters who show up across the street. This is an outrage! Then they say, "Carl says he stands for the people" and then they show his mugshot with a mugshot of Cuomo. They do not even show Carl answering the hard questions. The Lame stream media is so in the tank for Cuomo. It's time for the Tea Party to become their own media.
I say, "Call News 12 and tell them what you think." ~ C4F

Link to YNN Article and video of Carl's Q&A

Carl Paladino Q & A Forum in Middletown, NY

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 Glenn Beck Show 40 Days and 40 Nights Pledge Airs Friday October 8, 2010

On Friday I received a call from a Fox associate with an invitation to attend the Glenn Beck show featuring the Glenn Beck 40 days and 40 nights pledge.  I was able to put the invitation out to you here at C4F and 5 of us were given passes to the show.   My husband John, our  friend Linda G., Lisa and Scott D. and I were in the audience this evening. 

Glenn was his usual emotional self as he remember the 8/28 Rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial .  The audience was very small, maybe 24 people which made it even more exciting.   When we entered the studio there was Glenn at his chalkboard.  I couldn't believe it but none of us yelled out, " Hey Glenn." 

Both Lisa and I got to speak to Glenn.   I'm so glad that I didn't leave there without speaking to him.  The show will air on Friday October 8, 2010.  Please watch ... 

No cameras were allowed in the Studio unfortunately and you  know how John likes to take photos.  But we would like to share a few  photos from our walk on over to the Studio and outside of The Fox Studio. Glenn Beck 40 Days and 40 Nights Show

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Support Neil DiCarlo for Congress - 19th district NY

Click on yard sign to go to Neil's website interviews Neil Di Carlo

Door to Door with Neil DiCarlo Pictures

Photos: Friends of Neil DiCarlo 

Merlinda, Lorraine, Michelle, John and Jennie "Friends of Neil DiCarlo"

"Friends of Neil DiCarlo"  Monroe Cheese Festival

It was a beautiful day and Neil had many volunteers to help him get his message of Life, Values, Freedom out to the public. 

We handed out hundreds of copies of information on Neil a true conservative candidate running for US Congress District 19. 

Rush Hour Stance For Life

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Rick Lazio Gets Heckled in Goshen NY by Paladino Supporters

Link to pictures

Lazio leans on mosque as his key issue GOP hopeful makes location his centerpiece

Lazio visits Orange County, attacks financial backers of proposed Islamic Center near ground zero

Lazio campaigns in Orange County, says mosque developer should reveal source of money

Lazio heckled during Orange County campaign stop

Lazio Heckled By Paladinoites



Paladino Supporter Heckles Lazio Over Debate


August 25, 2010 –No show Lazio made a showing in Goshen, NY today. Did you see this advertised in your local paper? He had his fellow politicians and cronies with him. Funny he couldn't make it to the Orange/Sullivan 912 event in Goshen NY to speak with the people but he comes to Goshen, NY to speak to the media and politicians. Well some of us from C4F and O/S 912 made a surprise showing. From my end all I could hear was the question,"why won’t you debate Carl Paladino?"  And I could see the Paladino For The People sign over Rick Lazio’s head.  It was a sight to see. See the video here: Lazio Press Conference in Goshen,NY -   A few more questions were asked by those in attendance and Lazio ignored all of them.  How does he think he will reach his constituents?  The same constituents that he says will vote for him.  He may be quite surprised come September 14, 2010.  Carl Paladino is looking better all the time here at C4F.   I appreciate all of you who came out today.

Like us citizens4freedom on facebook and share us with your fb friends. We are 11,900+ strong for freedom!

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Dick Armey, John and Jennie citizens4freedom
Majority Leader Mr. Dick Armey’s kickoff Book Signing Event
citizens4freedom speaks out for the first time at the Give Us Liberty Rally - HV Patriot's event. As Lisa would say, "I stepped out of my comfort zone!" I'm so glad to accomplish this for the cause of restoring our republic. God bless you. God bless and restore our republic!
Jennie Speaks at the Give Us Liberty Rally

Like us citizens4freedom on facebook and share us with your fb friends. We are 11,900+ strong for freedom!

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No Show Lazio fails job interview, Paladino picks up O/S 912 Tea Party endorsement

Link to photos

We want to give all of you that attended the Lazio debacle last night a huge THANK YOU!

We turned lemons into lemonade.

Many people who came to see and support Lazio were disgusted at his "no-show" and indicated they are fed up. They asked for Tea Party literature.

So, what could be seen as a loss for us was actually a gain. We will grow our ranks.

Mr. Lazio requested what we call a job interview with THE PEOPLE of O/S 912 and the community. He failed his job interview. Rule #1, you don't skip out on a job interview if you really want the job.

Carl has repeatedly attended our vetting sessions and answered the hard questions. He has laid out his bold plan IN DETAIL.

He has attended our rallies and connected with the folks. He is serious in his intention to work for THE PEOPLE.

Carl is standing against the "politics as usual" party establishment and put himself out as the true grassroots candidate even acknowledging the Tea Party in his million dollar add blitz. It is time the Tea Party stands proudly with Carl.

Onward we to the September 14th Primary and our endorsement of Carl Paladino for Governor!

Randy & Sheryl
Organizers, O/S 912

Thanks go out to Annie Rabbitt and Nancy Calhoun for speaking to the people.

All I can say for Mr. Lazio is:  

~ C4F

Like us citizens4freedom on facebook and share us with your fb friends. We are 11,900+ strong for freedom!

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Flier created by Patrick M.

Stop The Madness! Freedom From Tyranny Rally was a success because of you.

Link to YNN news report on the rally

Article in Mid Hudson News

Pictures from the rally - contact us if you would like high res pictures sent to you.

Carl Paladino's - speech


The candidates in attendance at the Stop The Madness! - Were Carl Paladino running against Cuomo for Governor of NY, Tim Chichester running for Senate against Gillibrand (Tim did not make the rally do to illness) , Neil DiCarlo CD 19 running against Hall, Nan Hayworth CD 19 running against Hall, George Phillips CD22 running against Hinche, Annie Rabbit Assemblywoman 97th district and Jim Maisano Supreme Court Justice.. 

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Flier by Nancy K.

Thank you fellow patriots for standing for freedom!

Letter to the editor Times Herald Record

 Estimated crowd from 450 - 500 patriots.

Middletown Tax Day Tea Party 2010

 Pictures of the rally

More Pictures of the rally

Image hosted by
by DanGOE

Video honking, honking, honking!!!

Video: News 6: Tea Party rally held in Middletown

Times Herald Record:  Despite cold, 250? more like 500 tea partiers air grievances in Town of Wallkill

Tell the people that view the THR what you think about the rally.  Post under the article!

Article Times Herald Record:Tea-party leaders gearing up



Thank you to Nan Hayworth, 19th Dis., Neil DiCarlo, 19th, George Phillips 22nd Dis.,

Mike Anagnostakis OC Legislator

Dan Maloney District 4, The Gathering of Eagles and Steve Neuhaus for attending our rally.

 Rally For America, White Plains TP, Gardiner Right, Port Jervis TP, HV Patriots, N.W. TP Patriots,

Son's of Liberty attended our rally in Middletown.  How wonderful it was to meet all of you.  Thank you!

Like us citizens4freedom on facebook and share us with your fb friends. We are 11,900+ strong for freedom!

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Kill the Bill Rally Goshen

Thanks to our fellow patriots for coming out today for the "Kill the Bill" rally.  We had patriots from Citizens4freedom, Orange/Sullivan 912, As a Mom, Let Freedom Ring, White Plains Tea Party and Kingston Tea Party.  If we missed your group we are sorry.  This event was well attended by 50+ patriots.  Since we didn't have a permit the police shut us down early.  LoHud News was there and interviewed some of the protesters.  And thanks to David McFadden for sharing the event and expressing his concerns for our country.

Click here to view more pictures

Some videos of the rally taken by Harry

Click here to see article on Mid Hudson News

Residents protest at Rep. John Hall’s office in Goshen

The rally makes News12.

[View full article...]

Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 Meet and Greet

Held at the Galleria Mall in Middletown NY on Sunday 1-31-2010.


Greetings Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 Patriots!

The following is a recap of our January Meetup and a call to ACTION!

Many of you like Randy and I have spent the last several months or year emotionally invested in the Tea Party /912 movement.  Many of us marched with the 1.7 million other awesome Americans at DC for the 912 Rally.  Many of you, like us, attended other rallies such as The House Call November 5, 2009, and the Operation Can You Hear Us Now in NYC December 2009.  These events were wonderfully encouraging and energizing.  For us, we took that energy, came back home and attempted to find others in our area that felt like us and wanted to continue working for a return to conservative values, including less government intrusion (primarily the resistance of the HC Bill), fiscal responsibility, and the encouragement of competition and business opportunities.

Fortunate for us, we found the Orange County NY 912 Meetup!  We have had two great Meetups, December with 17 in attendance and January with 21. We continue to meet more like minded patriots from our area and the group is growing.

At our January 31 Meetup we discussed the name change from Orange to Orange/Sullivan to include a broader area of patriots.  We live right on the border of Orange and Sullivan in Bloomingburg. We live in Sullivan County but we do most of our business in Orange County.

Recently, it became apparent the Eldred Preserve Glenn Beck Meetup was without an organizer. We reached out to the Eldred Preserve and invited them to join us at our Meetup.  Many members of the Eldred Preserve attended our January 31 Meetup and we were thrilled to have them.  If you have not joined us at Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 Meetup we encourage you to do so and invite your friends to join us too. Our goal is to offer our members a place to network, keep informed and become active in local, state and national events.

One way to do this is to register with Jennie and John at their website Jennie and John are offering to help us get our message out on a larger scale in Orange and Sullivan Counties.  They also post events and news from around the state and nation. Check out their site!

At our January Meetup we presented many opportunities open to us in the coming months.  Some of these opportunities are the Blue Print for Change Conference February 15, April 15 Tax Day 2010 Rallies, and the Restoring Honor Rally at DC August 28, 2010. Check our calendar and message board for continuing details about each of these events.  We highly recommend you attend the Blue Print for Change Conference.  This will be a day of networking and education.  There will be several great speakers and Q & A panel sessions that will answer many questions and help us set strategize for the future.

At our January Meetup we had the privilege of having Carl Svensson of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) and a member of Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 speak to us about the political landscape of our state and counties.  Carl is the immediate past chairman of the RLC for NY.  We discussed the possibility of helping candidates George Phillips(R) running for Congress against Maurice Hinchey (D) in District 22 and John Carey, a young conservative Republican running against Eileen Gunther in the 98 Assembly district. (Check your email threads for district lines)

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Posted in: Tea Party Movement, C4F Past Events Views: 685



"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man,

brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join
him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain

 A Night With the Candidates

Thank you for participating in this event with the Orange/Sullivan NY 912.  This event was a huge success.

A Night With the Candidates

Link to YNN article of Candidates Night

Link to pictures

Videos posted here

 Call for Civil Disobedience if Laws Don’t Respect Faith

Religious Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience if Laws Don’t Respect Faith

A formidable coalition of 150 Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical leaders are calling on Christians in a new manifesto to reject secular authority – and even engage in civil disobedience – if laws force them to accept abortion, same-sex marriage and other ideas that betray their religious beliefs.

On Friday, these leaders released a 4,700-word document – called the "The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience." 

Read more

 Tax Day Tea Party Rally - New City
 Candidates Night

Rally for America - Candidates Night

Link to Pictures


Steve Levy, Gov. NY

Anthony Mele, 17th Congressional District

Paull Wasserman, 18th District

Mark Rosen, 18th District

Jim Russell, 18th District

David McFadden, 19th District

Neil DiCarlo, 19th District

Nan Hayworth, 19th District

Frank Sparaco NY State Assembly 

 Tony Mele & Carl Paladino Tells It Like It Is

R A L L Y.... FOR.... A M E R I C A

Event Description:

Tony Mele & Carl Paladino Tells It Like It Is

Carl Paladino for Governor

Anthony Mele for US Congress



3/26/10 AT 7PM


Paladino said. "One of my first acts as Governor will be to work closely with the New York Attorney General to examine the issues and file or join appropriate litigation to stop Obamacare in its tracks." … "I agree with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's position that Obamacare likely violates the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the United States Constitution," … "I also believe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's twisted parliamentary trick to 'deem and pass' the President's plan is vulnerable to constitutional challenge," … "Sadly, the political elite in Albany don't have the courage to stand up to Washington on this vital Constitutional issue."

 Deneen Borelli - Fox and Friends - 3-4-10



Held at Gander Mountain in Middletown NY on February 6th.

Greetings Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 Meetup!

We want to thank everyone that sacrificed their time on a Saturday evening to come to the Meet and Greet for congressional candidate George Phillips, District 22.  We had a wonderful time seeing everyone again and meeting new patriots!

While we waited for George to arrive we especially enjoyed hearing from all of you and how the sad state of the country has revived your love and activism for America.  We had lots of laughs, moments of motivation (thank you Raquel!), passion (thank you Marcello!), and emotion (thank you guest John Ryan!).  We thank everyone for sharing.  Sorry we didn’t make it around to the whole group. You will just have to join us at our next Meetup!!

George spent the better part of an hour detailing his platform and taking questions. George’s platform consists of protecting our Constitution, reducing waste in Washington, and creating jobs. He opposes the stimulus package, is pro-life, pro- traditional marriage and family values, will fight for term limits, and opposes terrorist trials in NYS.

For those who were not able to make it last night see his website at

  for more information.

We had the privilege of spending some time with George and his assistants Scott and Chris after the Meet & Greet last night and we now know what we must do to help George with his bid for Congress representing District 22 of the Hudson Valley.  We realize many of you in the Orange/Sullivan County NY 912 group are not in George’s district so this message is for those that are.  We will be sending out new information soon as to our next move with George.  We are working on it and we will be calling on some of you to help! 

 First Year Anniversary - October 2010

John and I thank you for your support over this past year! God has taken a negative and made it a positive by bringing all of you into our lives.  You are a blessing to us. 

 We hope that citizens4freedom is the Tea Party resource website of information on issues and events that you hoped it would be. God bless you.

God bless and restore our republic.  Let's stand for freedom!  ~ Jennie and John C4F

 Here are a few encouraging words received from our registered users and co-patriots in the cause for the total restoration of our republic.

 From our beginnings:

Congratulations and thank you to on your first year anniversary.  You provide an invaluable service to our community by informing and encouraging us to stand firm in the commitment to restore all that is great about America.  ~ Linda and Howard Geissler

Congratulations to C4F founders John and Jennie Maney -- a.k.a. the Paul and Paula Revere of the 21st Century! Thanks for all your amazing work!! Keep it up! Love you guys! ~ Nancy Karp

When you think back to when you started all this, (thinking of a name for the site) to where you are today, that is something to be very proud of.   I am really proud of what you have done.  My family and I thank you.  ~ Rob Aversa (donated C4F banner in the video) Thanks Rob

 Along the way to victory:

We appreciate all your work and effort to help make our rallies and events successful.  It is amazing what we have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.  We value your friendship and Tea Party relationship.  ~ Randy and Sheryl Thomas

Citizens 4freedom has been our best source of information on  all the important political events happening in the Hudson valley. I know this takes a lot of work but it is appreciated.  This along with meetings, seminars and know the candidates meet and greet  provided a free  service that not even the Republican committees provide as thoroughly This didn't exist without the Tea Parties. You have changed the political climate and I believe will have a greater power and influence in the next years campaigns. KEEP IT UP.  Thanks Linda & Edward Dubin. 


Old friend and fellow patriot ( and you sing pretty good too ! ) ..God Bless you and your selfless work.I never imagined we would meet after 35 years ..You and your family have been my inspiration ..thank You for the encouragement and the ...friendship..Happy New Year...its going to be a tought one !
Kevin and Donna Cote"

THANK YOU for doing such important work.  Be assured, that even on the days you don't get the response you hope for, even on the days enthusiasm ebbs, even if you are not told every single day, you ARE reaching people and you ARE making a difference.  Please take your satisfaction in even the small victories and continue to have the faith that we will and we must prevail.  We are battling for freedom and the freedom cry is being carried by each of us, even if its sound doesn't always reach you! ~ Brenda Bortz

 Christ IS Born! Glorify Him!



Christ is Born - Glorify Him
Thomas Merton wrote “the Advent mystery is the beginning of the end of all in us that is not yet Christ.”  To be sure, there is much in me that is “not yet Christ.” Yet, there is in Advent a promise of hope. The Church has provided a season for us to prepare our souls for the birth of Christ.  It is a time for continuing the spiritual journey of transformation into Christ-likeness.  As we become self-emptying, we are able to be filled with the Divine Life.

May your sacred pilgrimage to Bethlehem’s Cave be blessed for your salvation.
May the birth of Jesus Christ bring you joy.




Handel Messiah - Hallelujah Chorus - From our performance - I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Our brass players are from West Point. Thank you guys!

A Merry Christmas to all of our friends here at C4F.

May God grant you peace, good health and prosperity in 2011. ~ JM

 Primary Challenge

NY Primary Challenge part of a national movement to Take Back the Republic through the committeeman process.

Explanation of the Tax Payers Party

Sign Taxpayers petition on line

Carl Paladino  running for Governor of NY secures enough petition signatures to create the Taxpayer Party Line.  These petitions will be submitted and the line will be officially approved for the NY State ballot.  There were over 30,000 petition signatures collected by the grassroots efforts of your average citizen who can make a difference in NY. I know many of you sacrificed time with your family and many nights and weekends to make this effort a success.  We here at C4F included. We have made history in NY.  citizens4freedom will give you the details as they are received from Primary Challenge.  Primary Challenge had a lot to do with the success of this petition drive and we congratulate them, the Paladino Team and all of the grassroots citizens who helped Carl accomplish his goal.

Paladino files for new party line

Articles at C4F - Carl Paladino For Governor of NY

Carl Paladino's Speech at Tea Party



 Takin' it to the Streets
Click picture to view video of past rallies.
Click picture to see video of past rallies.